blunka is a Budapest based clothing and graphic design brand. The project started in June 2021.

A bit about me

I am Blanka Hankiss, a graphic designer and bl.unka is my love project. I design symbolic motives on clothes, caps and bags. Each pattern has a meaning, which comes from thoughts, dilemmas and hopes that influence my, and I think many of our lives. My main muses are chilies and amphibians. I am choosing materials that are high quality, ethically produced and comfortable. Most of the base materials are 100% organic cotton, and GOTS certified.

How it started

Various forms of visual creativity including drawing have always been ways through which I could express myself the most, let go of anxiety and worry, put myself at ease and flow.
After studying different non-art related subjects, I started graphic design at Budai Rajziskola in Budapest and honestly, it has been the best decision of my life so far. Even the initial visual identity of blunka was my final project at the school. I am super grateful for having been able to study there and learn from great professionals.

I am a one person brand, however many people add to the succes of the brand, which I am so grateful for.